New York Bro of Mind

30 05 2008

A big part of our frustration here at Bromunity is that BROs can be such complex and confusing creatures. For example, why is it that the typical BROutfit always includes a New York Yankees hat? We understand the need to identify with a winner (not this year though) as standard operating BROcedure, but this alone does not explain it. Maybe the Bros just love America and see the Yankees cap as the best way to prove to their Republican colleagues that they are patriots at heart? Though that doesn’t really explain Tom Brady , who along with Lebron recently stirred up a lot of shit by wearing Yankees hats out in public. This action alone landed them in the tabloids and cost them significant cred with their fans on the street (Brady has also been seen in Red Sox and SF Giants hats complicating things further). Why is it so vital to sport that NY wool even if it means  disappointing the people who idolize you most?

Its possible that the hat is just a snazzy looking hat, nothing more, and we should leave it at that. But by taking a representative sample, there does not appear to be a single unifying thread among likely cap-sporters. You have rappers, gangsters, sports fans, athletes, New Yorkers, foreigners, movie stars, politicians and even Californians. This single blue hat must be the most adaptable piece of clothing known to mankind, because we’re not sure if there’s anything else Rudy Giuliani and Nas have in common.

There must be some unspoken bond among those lucky enough to own a little part of that yankee mystique, that subtle sign that you stand among brothers, brothers with little or no sense of individuality. Why fight it? Why swim upstream against such a powerful current of conformity?

Here’s $30, guy, we’re a 7 3/8.