Slip Me a Fitty-Spot and Your Glass Can Have Ice

23 07 2008

It was long ago time for a stern scolding of our good friends in the nightclub industry along with those of us who continue to patronize their houses of sin and immorality. We have all certainly shared the warm and fuzzy experience that waits for us behind the glorious velvet rope of the discotecas found in LA, Vegas, NYC, SF and Miami. We have slipped the doorman who still lives with his mom a benjamin just to get in and find the table we paid $2000 to get some bottle “service” at for two hours is next to the kitchen while every employee in the house requires more three figure payments just to do their job. Let’s be clear that we’re jealous of these club-trepreneurs, no one has made so much money for doing so little since Enron and those guys are in jail. Regardless of our jealousy though, these houses of bro must be reined in before their practice spreads into places we actually like.

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