Bro is to Bro as Man is to Manziere

29 05 2008

It’s hard to say when and where the bro-nomenon began, but there is a case to be made for a particular ep of Seinfeld as the culprit. Before this ep aired the usage of Bro was mostly confined to the African-American community purely as a term of solidarity and respect.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, our friends at Seinfeld spawned an entirely new usage with the male bra, manziere, or more simply the Bro. This creation took the term from serious to silly and as with most Seinfeld colloquials was oft-repeated in the annals of pop-culture. Obviously this usage is not synonomous with ours here on this site, but we are merely arguing that the bro was let out of the bag. Thank you, Jerry Seinfeld, you are a god among Bros.