Even CNN Gets In On The Fun

28 05 2008

Where bros go to hideA recent CNN article briefly stumbled across bromunities when the author discovered that men sometimes need somewhere to go to get away from it all. This bronomenon was unfortunately referred to as escaping to your man cave, as apparently all things related to men must now have the term Man in front of them. We’re not married, so our man caves are only blueprints on a shelf somewhere, but for some enterprising texans those plans were thrown into action:

During the week Ryan Samuel, 30, is a married man working in the energy market in Richardson, Texas. But on the weekends he lures men away from their homes, wives and children with beer, camaraderie, power tools and “The Ponderosa.”

While we certainly understand the need to go all Southwest Airlines and shit, a shack in the woods without plumbing wouldn’t seem the best way to do it. Let that be a lesson to all you bro-hos out there, be sure your bros have time for some guy love, else you find them shitting in the woods and wiping with a belt sander.