No, You’s da Benny

27 05 2008

Our Friends at MTV are quite fond of the bros and bro-hos, and for that we are quite fond of them. One of our favorite MTV shows is the long-running True Life series, essentially a series of one hour biopics about a variety of troubled individuals. In two of our favorite episodes the True Life  lenses are turned on a well known hotbed of bro and bro-ho, the Jersey Shore. The first episode in the pair is True Life: I’m a Jersey Shore Girl, which is really more about bro-hos than bros, but it does provide some choice reel of tats, gel spikes, ‘roids, clubs, and that marvelous sub-species of bro known as the Guido.

Lucky for us MTV wasn’t satisfied with just one jaunt to the shore and came back at us with True Life: I Have a Summer Share. This is where things really get juicy as the main character, a ‘roid freak Guido by the name of Tommy, shares a glimpse of his summer on the shore with us. The episode climaxes at a late night food joint as Tommy, desperate to get his cheeseball (wtf?) fix, gets in a fight with another guido over who is the bigger ‘Benny’. Suffice to say that these gentlemen are both quite large Benny’s and the broltercation that ensues is pure cinema magic.

Poor New Jersey, we happen to sort of like you, but you really must stop breeding these cheeseballs.

The ‘First Bros’ of Reality TV

27 05 2008

Do you own a TV? If yes is your response then your eyeballs have most certainly been violated by the pop-culture tragedy that is MTV’s The HillsWhile this series is ostensibly about a couple of post-teenage drama queens (aka bro-hos), there are many choice guest appearances by some of our favorite reality TV bros, BROdy and Spencer.

 Oh no bro!

While we have been privileged to watch their bromance develop over the first three seasons of this show, along with its predecessor Laguna Beach, we have been troubled by the news that their rock-solid brotherhood has become fractured. For the sake of Bromances everywhere lets hope BROdy and Spencer patch things up. We’re pulling for you Bros!