Bros in Cages

28 05 2008

Then there was bloodFor several years we watched as young bros spent hours, along with $74.99 of their parents hard earned money, watching the fantastically scripted bouts known variously as WWF, WWE, WCW, NWO may as well just be B.R.O. These man-tastic orgasms of blood, sweat and bros were the peak of bro-tainment for many a year, starring the likes of the awesome Ric Flair, Ken Shamrock and Hulkamania. Unfortunately the deets started to leak out about referees directing the ‘fights’, spring-loaded floormats and elaborate choreography. Not long after the best promoted wrestling bout of the century was to be between Donald Trump and Vince McMahon over who would be shaving their head in defeat….snore. Luckily that never happened, as McMahon realized all Trump had to do was remove the toupe.

It wasn’t long before a few hard core bros got together and decided to satiate this blood lust desire with what is now vaingloriously called extreme cage-fighting. If you haven’t experienced this spectacle yet, consider yourself served:

The All-star bro of this cast is none other than Mr. UFC himself Chuck Liddell. Let’s not be too hard on this guy, he did appear in a fairly entertaining Entourage ep and he does maintain his primary residence in San Luis Obispo, one of our favorite towns. But when you get right down to it he is a lifted truck driving, affliction shirt wearing, mohawk sporting bro at heart (Please spare us Mr. Liddell). If there are any aspiring bros out there be sure to pick up a pair of those dope-ass Tapout trunks Chuck endorses, they should provide that edge you need after 6 Red Bull/Vodkas find you in an alley demonstrating some Muay Thai on some guy twice your size.

As if the fights themselves were not enough, the recent news is that Bro #1 himself Mark Cuban is getting involved in the business. Let’s hope for Dirk Nowitski v. Avery Johnson III in the near future.

Shocking…Just Shocking

28 05 2008

Bro Predators looking to take advantage of their fellow bros, the unseemly underbelly of this otherwise harmless trend.

My New Haircut

27 05 2008

No, we didn’t get a snappy new haircut, but thanks for asking. But if you are familiar with this viral video you probably didn’t. The great state of New Jersey, an oft-cited epicenter of the Bromunity, gives us an awesome instructional vid on bringing your brotitude to the club.