Anti-Bro: We Da BEST Man

29 05 2008

Way back in 2006 our good friend Nas, the troublemaker of ‘Hate me now’ fame, declared that our beloved Hippity-Hop was indeed a festering corpse. Fortunately for us Nas’ portent has proved slightly inaccurate,  not unlike the original Nas of the 16th century. What’s that you say? How do we know hip-hop is registering a pulse? We’re glad you asked:

That’s right, these fine young gentlemen have kept their noses to the grindstone despite Nas’ predictions, and from the looks of things they appear to be doing quite well.

Bro, you must be new around here Bro, man we da best man. Yes, DJ Khaled you are the best, keep doin what you do.

Anti-Bro: Deion and His Rascal

27 05 2008

Anti-BroFor those of you not regularly perusing the programming on the Oh! or Oxygen network you are missing out on one show worth watching. Deion and Pilar: Primetime is a gem of a show that puts the home life of Deion “Primetime” Sanders on display for all to see. While we are generally tired of this genre of show, Deion manages to be engaging while also a primary example of the anti-bro. He is original, far from contrived, and often we will admit funny. He brings one possibly emerging trend to the fore as well, his main mode of transportation around the house (due to “turf toe” etc.) is his Rascal scooter. Check out a Clip.

This post is also an introduction to the second focus of this site which will be to identify all that is anti-bro. In other words: cool, authentic, original, creative, funny, badass, etc.