Death of a Bro: Will Ferrell Edition

28 07 2008

We probably aren’t the first to identify this tragic event in the Bromunity, but it is our duty to report that yes, indeed, Will Ferrell is dead. No, not dead in the traditional mortality sense, but in the sense that the Will Ferrell character (played the same in all his movies) has reached its unfortunate nadir. Though his demise has been clearly on the horizon for the past several years, it was our unfortunate viewing of the very unfunny Step Brothers this past weekend that sealed the deal.

For too long audiences, particularly Bros in middle America, have been satisfied by Mr. Ferrell’s brand of off-color and largely sarcastic humor. Though we have all enjoyed bros endlessly repeating many of the catch phrases culled from movies like Old School, Wedding Crashers, Zoolander etc., the humor in all of those movies is largely base and generally without effort. The team of comedians responsible for what we will dub the ‘Will Ferrell Franchise’ have relied for too long on simple irony and spent little time attempting to actually write witty jokes. Read the rest of this entry »

How’d You Do That Bro?

23 07 2008

We’re all familiar with Harry Potter, know he’s real and believe in magic, end of story and don’t ever talk shit about him, bro. But there are those out there who purport to share his unique and totally cool powers, the brogicians known as Criss Angel and David Blaine. These studs of the magic world are featured in various TV specials or shows defying death as they attempt increasingly base and pointless feats. We will focus our attention on just one of these spectacularly lame individuals, a one Mr. Criss Angel.

To give you a brief run-down of his resume, he is a semi-gothic post-punk attention hog (see Bam Margera) who poorly executes stunts on his A&E magic show “Mindfreak.” All stunts are performed as he is surrounded by his weeping family who seem dumb enough to believe he is actually in danger and somehow miraculously survives every time, though they would clearly be close enough to him to realize he is a fraud and magic isn’t real….unless your last name is Potter. He dresses in death related garb and has a fan following roughly approximating that of a WWE wrestler.

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