Death of a Bro: Will Ferrell Edition

28 07 2008

We probably aren’t the first to identify this tragic event in the Bromunity, but it is our duty to report that yes, indeed, Will Ferrell is dead. No, not dead in the traditional mortality sense, but in the sense that the Will Ferrell character (played the same in all his movies) has reached its unfortunate nadir. Though his demise has been clearly on the horizon for the past several years, it was our unfortunate viewing of the very unfunny Step Brothers this past weekend that sealed the deal.

For too long audiences, particularly Bros in middle America, have been satisfied by Mr. Ferrell’s brand of off-color and largely sarcastic humor. Though we have all enjoyed bros endlessly repeating many of the catch phrases culled from movies like Old School, Wedding Crashers, Zoolander etc., the humor in all of those movies is largely base and generally without effort. The team of comedians responsible for what we will dub the ‘Will Ferrell Franchise’ have relied for too long on simple irony and spent little time attempting to actually write witty jokes.

This leads us to Step Brothers, which on the cover appeared to be an interesting adventure steered by an as-yet fresh duo, Mr. Ferrell and John C. Reilly (who is in our opinion still underrated). Unfortunately after 90 minutes that we would deem embarrassing for all involved (honestly not sure how these guys face the public after producing the mess) it has become all too clear that the Ferrell Franchise has run out of ideas. It has come to the point that Mr. Ferrell is more a caricature of his former character than a real comedian and he has retread his basic formula for the past several movies he has created. We suppose it does not help that he has now progressed past simply an actor to also writing and producing many of his own scripts, exposing what appears to be a general lack of creative talent that may have existed since the beginning.

We also need to look no further than’s imminent failure to see that Mr. Ferrell does not have the true golden touch.

Why is this all relevant to the Bromunity? Well, first of all, as stated above, a favorite pastime of Bros everywhere is endlessly repeating Will Ferrell lines to raise the laughter of bro-hos everywhere. But second it seems clear that Will Ferrell is indeed a Bro, as evidenced by his media-hungry appearances at USC Football games (bandwagon anyone?), on ESPN, at MTV Spring Break etc. He tends to dress ostentatiously for all occasions and find any and all microphones to scream out for attention. We, at this point, are no longer amused.

Mr. Ferrell, its time to retire, Bro.



One response

31 07 2008

I completely agree. Ferrell is a funny man but he’s ruined his career by playing the same basically not funny character for the better part of a decade. At least on SNL he occasionally portrayed an average, intelligent person. These days he’s just a goofball clown.

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