The World Is Yours, Bro.

29 05 2008

We will be the first to admit Scarface is (was?) a badass, but he also executed his drug trade in a cavalier and moronic fashion that got him killed unnecessarily and undercut every single friend he ever had. He hit mountains of his own product and seems to have been fucked up more often than even mildly cognizant of his surroundings, certainly great news for business. But lets not miss the point here….he was a badass. Enough said.

Thanks to this mountain of a man, today we are privileged to be surrounded by a burgeoning flock of Brony Montanas at every rap concert we attend. What exactly is the fascination with Mr. Montana, Bro? Do you assume that because you’re walking towards us in your BROface tall tee that we’ll cower in fear, or is it a sign we should ask you for an 8-ball? Oh now we get it, you’re hoping that some federal agents might mistake you for the heir to Tony’s throne and as you go down in a blaze of glory we can all remember you larger than life in Scarface II: Denver. While we are sure your biopic would be highly entertaining, why don’t you put away the Scarface hoody, stop playing dress up, go back to your Mom’s house, grab the keys to the Corolla and strap on the Home Depot Apron. Tony Would be proud, Bro.



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