Check Out my MySpace Bro, Thanks for the Add!

28 05 2008

This post needs almost no explanation but still must be said. If you’re looking for a few million bros, look no further than mighty Rupert’s foray into the blessed interwebs. Yes, thats right, we’re talking This true bromunity of type A bros and bro-hos provides more instruction than we ever could on the essential ingredients to bro-dom.

What constantly amazes us is all the shit that these bros can fit onto one webpage, especially since overlord Murdoch places about 17 ads per page. In a few thousand pixels your average bro is able to communicate so much:

  • His music tastes, hippity-hop to the rap-rock natch (to you and all those within a 15 foot range of your computer)
  • His dope and fresh look conveyed through various headshots of bro #1 in some of his 117 New Era fitteds, size 1/2 too large.
  • His plethora of bro-hos, all of which are desperate to meet him in real life to provide him with male enhancement products for endless bedtime happiness, in exchange he might holler at dem wit a cameo in the next music vid he produces
  • His stable of ‘whips’, including his multimedia Tahoe and a street-tuned performance muscle civic to his wakeboat and hayabusa sportbike (no money down? siiiiick!). Oh, the wakeboat? It’s at the dry dock. The Tahoe? It’s in the shop, but my grandma’s Park Avenue is totally dope, like, almost a low-low.
  • His web developer dexterity as evidenced by various flashing, spinning, vomit inducing widgets. Extreme!!!

Keep hope alive, bro, maybe someday you can be all your myspace profile says you are!

Here’s a little myspace themed icanhas for you, you’re welcome.




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