Bro SF: Hipster Haven

28 05 2008

While the ‘Classic Bro’ as described by the majority of the posts on this site is certainly the dominant figure in the bro world, there are others that can lay claim to the name in various geographic regions of the County. In San Francisco, our hq, there is a prominent sub-culture called the Hipster. This group perceives itself as counter-culture, a common thread among bromunities, but in fact is more homogenous and uninspired than brodom at large. This group can be identified by several characteristics:


  • Downright questionable embrace of Kaffiyeh scarves as a fashion statement
  • Fixed wheel or single gear bicycles as primary mode of transportation, with ubiquitous U-lock in back pocket or stuck through back of belt
  • Skinny jeans
  • Aversion to anything perceived as ‘pop-culture’ and a related love for anything ‘undiscovered’ regardless of its nature or value
  • A propensity to bitch about things like ‘gentrification’ and capitalism though they themselves are often the best examples and leading edge into new neighborhoods and new markets
  • Beards lacking even subtle maintenance
  • Extra touches like taped up nerd glasses, unkempt hair or military apparel.

Please, hipsters, spare us your self-righteous propaganda, you are but bros at heart.





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19 11 2008

Nice blog shawls and

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