Graphic T’s, Scourge of Our Times

27 05 2008


We’re sure that you’ve noticed this flagrantly bro trend that has been all over the streets of the OC for the past couple of years. Despite all indications that this should be an ephemeral brodiction it has truly stood the test of two years time. Though many of our favorite Bro-tailers such as the ubiquitous PacSun, the very edgy Zumiez or the badass mcbrotown Metropark carry these products, only provides the full experience. Cycle through hundreds of sleeved up bros presenting the latest in brothing styles to suit each and every bro as he rides through Newport in his lifted Silverado. Don’t forget your bro-ho though, sister line Sinful provides all that she needs to tempt your bro libido.

These shirts are the ultimate bro-cessory because they send a very clear message that you, bro, are not to be F’d with. The skulls, naked ladies, flames and various other neo-gothical iconography simply hint at the edge of your McCain-esque temper. Here’s to you, bro, and your $78 t-shirt of death.



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