Bros at Risk? A Startling Truth

27 05 2008

Today’s New York Times included an article that highlighted a dangerous ‘new’ trend among today’s young bros:

Health researchers have identified a surprising new predictor for risky behavior among teenagers and young adults: the energy drink.

As usual the MSM is last to know, but as always they are right on the mark. It has been quite a while since we have seen a bro on the streets or in the bars without the ubiquitous oversized (or undersized) can in their ‘roidy claws. Apparently these succulent beverages may contribute to risky behavior? Come on Times, take a position for god sakes, haven’t you seen a motocross race or a jackass episode lately? Had a chance to catch Rob Dyrdek of Rob & Big fame, a show we like, decked out in the Monster “M” lately? We’re sure that Soulja Girl was hopped up on Guarana as well.

As if the health risks weren’t enough, there is now ‘Risky Behavior’ to boot. Paging all Congressional candidates, a ban on sales of Redline and Spike Shooters to youth just may get you that trip to Washington after all.

Seems Like a Good Idea



One response

28 05 2008
Greg Matson

jaegerbombs…..i shower in that shit

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